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Pamela I. Hartsfield, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Pamela I. Hartsfield, Ph.D.


In my experience, those seeking psychological services face a range of life challenges. Myflower background working in the mental health field, along with my life experience, have taught me that people from all walks of life and in any stage of life can come upon hard times emotionally. During these times, guidance from a compassionate, competent, and objective professional is often beneficial. In my psychology practice, I often work with people facing specific life stressors such as marital conflict or problems at work. I also treat people suffering from more pervasive problems such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Some individuals or couples engage in psychotherapy for growth oriented issues such as a better work/family/recreation balance or to improve interpersonal communication.

I have long been drawn to helping others and to understanding human behavior. I have provided clinical services in a variety of mental health settings for over 25 years. I established my private practice as a psychologist in Raleigh in 1995. I provide psychotherapy to adults, young adults (ages 19 to 26), and couples.