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Pamela I. Hartsfield, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Pamela I. Hartsfield, Ph.D

Thank you for your interest in my psychology practice. I hope my website provides helpful information. You are welcome to contact me by phone with any questions. Often a briefDr. Hartsfield conversation with a therapist can help in choosing a provider or with learning about various resources.

I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University. Most of my clinical experience at Georgia State was with children and adults at a public mental health center in Atlanta, and my internship was completed at the Student Counseling Center of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Much of my expertise as a psychotherapist is informed by the 15 years I worked as a psychiatric nurse before and during graduate school. My nursing background gives me a comprehensive and holistic understanding of both the psychological and biological aspects of behavior, as well as training in relevant areas of health care.

I have integrated the knowledge and experience gained in all of my endeavors into a multifaceted approach to helping my clients. Thus, my treatment philosophy reflects my academic, clinical, and personal experiences. I view my clients holistically and have an in depth knowledge of various medications. I also have the ability to effectively collaborate with psychiatrists, physicians, and other health care providers.